Dr. Nelly Robles Garcia is the new president of the Archaeology Council, scientific advisory organism of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) in charge of analyzing, studying and ruling archaeological research in Mexican Territory.

She substitutes archaeologist Roberto Garcia Moll, who asked INAH general director, Alfonso de Maria y Campos, to end his period at the front of the advisory organism to retake his work as Maya Culture specialist.

The Archaeology Council recognized the labor of Garcia Moll, who during his leadership fomented great archaeological programs such as those in Yaxchilan, Ichkabal and Chichen Itza. He promoted opening of new archaeological sites as well as tasks related to heritage safeguard, like Izapa, Chiapas highway deviation.

He promoted registration of pieces from excavations; agreements for archaeological salvage and procedures’ ruling to safeguard this cultural heritage, showing always his great academic spirit and intellectual honesty.

Nelly Robles, specialist in formulation of Latin American archaeological sites management plans, assumes the leadership of the organism formed in 1970 to recommend archaeological projects of national and international institutions to INAH direction.

The new president of the Archaeology Council, of which is part since 2002, has the Archaeology Degree by the National School of Anthropology and History (ENAH) and the Master Degree in Prehispanic Monuments Restoration by the National School of  Conservation, Restoration and Museography (ENCRyM).

Nelly Robles is also certified in Historic Preservation by the University of Georgia, and the same institute gave her the Doctor Degree in Anthropology, with her thesis “Management of Cultural Resources in Mexico: Oaxaca Case”.

Dr. Robles will be able to continue being Monte Alban Archaeological Zone director, where she coordinated the integration of 2005-2015 Management Plan.

She has been ICOMOS-UNESCO evaluating expert for World Heritage List archaeological zones management plans in Central America, and has made evaluation for inclusion in the list for sites such as Leon Viejo, Nicaragua and Paredones, Ecuador.

The professional trajectory of the new head of Archaeology Council includes teaching and academic coordination, being responsible of the 5th Monte Alban Round Table organization, which took place in Oaxaca City from September 2nd to 5th 2009.

Since 1970, the Archaeology Council has had 12 presidents:

1) Dr. Ignacio Bernal. 1970 - 1975

2) Ariel Valencia. Interim. 1976

3) Eduardo Matos Moctezuma. 1977

4) Jose Luis Lorenzo. 1978

5) Angel Garcia Cook. 1979 – 1982

6) Joaquin Garcia Barcena. 1982 – 1989

7) Lorena Mirambell. 1989 – 1992

8) Mari Carmen Serra Puche. 1992 – 1995

9) Norberto Gonzalez Crespo. 1995 – 1996

10) Joaquin Garcia Barcena. 1996 – 2005

11) Roberto Garcia Moll. 2005 – 2009

12) Nelly Robles Garcia. 2009