The historic flag of the National Guard of the Matamoros de Morelia Battalion, which fluttered during the defense of Chapultepec Castle in 1847, was handed over to Colegio Primitivo y Nacional de San Nicolas de Hidalgo de la Universidad Michoacana (Michoacan University) after being intervened by experts of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).

In representation of Alfonso de Maria y Campos, INAH general director, who conducted negotiations to adapt the flag and foment the link with Universidad Michoacana, Liliana Giorguli, director of the National School of Restoration, Conservation and Museography (ENCRyM) -where it was intervened- handed over the flag created 162 years ago to Silvia Figueroa Zamudio, rector of the Michoacan University.

“This flag is the only emblem of Michoacan participation in the defense of our sovereignty during North American invasion in 1847. I thank INAH in behalf of the governor Leonel Godoy Rangel, for this excellent work and for handing our distinctive in such good conditions”, commented during the act the Michoacan General Secretary, Fidel Calderon Torreblanca.

In April 4th 1847, the governor of Michoacan, Melchor Ocampo, integrated a volunteer battalion named Matamoros de Morelia, which emblem is safeguarded by Colegio Nicolaita since 1884, recalled Silvia Figueroa Zamudio.

“Our college is the best place to be for this flag, and we are very lucky that efforts that began 3 years ago for the preservation and conservation of this emblem end today in such a fructiferous way, thanks to the efforts of INAH and ENCRyM restorers”, expressed the rector of the Michoacan institution.

Liliana Giorguli explained that the attention to the flag required specialized work for one year and 3 months, “its conservation state was poor because it was fragmented; it required an arduous labor and the application of very specialized techniques”.

Restorer Lorena Roman Torres, responsible of the Textile Workshop at ENCRyM, was in charge of directing the meticulous restoration work that allowed recovering almost all the body of the silken piece of 110 by 92 centimeters dimension.

Main features of the flag are its vertical design and its color disposition: the red color is placed atop, then white in the middle, with the extended- wings eagle devouring a serpent, a typical19th century image, and finally the green color. Around the eagle is inscribed “Batallon de la Guardia Nacional de Matamoros”.

On September 12th 1847 the flag fluttered for the first time at the foot of Chapultepec that suffered the attack of the foreign army. This emblem distinguished the Michoacan battalion that fought against North American armies. It was donated to Michoacan University by the governor, Prudencio Dorantes, in 1884.