With participation of national and international researchers who during 4 days will present results of recent Zapoteca scientific studies, the 5th Monte Alban Round Table in Oaxaca, where archaeologist Roberto Gallegos Ruiz was awarded with Eagle Warrior Prize for finding Zaachila Prehispanic tombs, discovery that allowed verifying relations between Zapoteca and Mixteca peoples.

The academic meeting organized by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) gathers 30 specialists in Zapoteca culture, whom from disciplines such as anthropology, history, ethno-history, physic anthropology, linguistics and ethnography, will expand knowledge regarding the Mesoamerican civilization that developed between 500 BC and 850 AD.

“Monte Alban, at Regional and Disciplinary Crossroads” is the theme of the round table inaugurated in September 2nd 2009, where advances on archaeological studies at sites never investigated before, such as Santa Maria Atzompa, Copalita, and others in Mixe Zone and the Isthmus, will be presented.

Dr. Nelly Robles, director of Monte Alban Archaeological Zone, and Andres Webster Henestrosa, Secretary of Culture of Oaxaca, inaugurated the academic meeting that has the objective of understanding phenomena that allowed Monte Alban development as controlling state of religious, cultural and political of Oaxaca region.

Archaeologist Salvador Guillem Arroyo, INAH national coordinator of Archaeology, commented that in the interest of achieving a better knowledge of Oaxaca Prehispanic and Colonial past, INAH has promoted unprecedented scientific and academic projects such as the imminent opening of Atzompa monumental conjunct, considered a satellite city of Monte Alban.

Other important projects are implementation of a first level laboratory to study Zapoteca stelae, Mitla Archaeological Zone restoration, as well as Teposcolula and Coixtlahuaca Ex Convents located at Mixteca Alta region.

Andres Webster Henestrosa acknowledged INAH work at Monte Alban site, which is an emblem for Oaxaca and an example in Latin America in terms of management and logistics, after inaugurating the round table.

Eagle Warrior presented to archaeologist Gallegos Ruiz

INAH authorities presented the Eagle Warrior Prize to Tlaxcala archaeologist Roberto Gallegos Ruiz, awarded by the Institute to researchers and specialists for their trajectory and contributions to Mexico cultural heritage conservation.

The 76 years old researcher directed in 1962 Zaachila archaeological site that led to Tombs I and II finding that allowed establishing the relation between Mixteca and Zapoteca towards 1000 AD.

Relation between both cultures, particularly related to funeral practices, was confirmed by Zapoteca tombs’ reuse by Mixteca people.

Adscribed to INAH since 1955, archaeologist Gallegos received the award from Salvador Guillem during the ceremony at Santo Domingo Cultural Center, in Oaxaca City.