San Juan Teotihuacan


22+600 Km. Ecatepec-Piramides Highway, San Juan Teotihuacan, Edo. Mex., 55800. Phone (594) 956 0276,  956 0052


Visiting hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 8:00 to 17:00. The $51 MXP fee includes the admission to the Museum of Teotihuacan Mural Paintings, the Site Museum and the Archaeological Site.  Children under 13, students, teachers and senior citizens presenting a valid I.D. do not pay. Free admission on Sunday. There is a fee is you are willing to shoot with a video camera. Checkroom, bookstore.


This museum opened in 1963, in a building constructed to house it. Teotihuacan culture had great influence in Mesoamerica, and the reasons why this city was abandoned are not precise. The “Place Where Men Become Gods” represents the Classic period of arts: architecture, sculpture and mural painting. The social organization, as well as the importance of religion and commerce in the daily life, are reconstructed in this Museum, based on archaeological findings.

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