The National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) and the Government of Sinaloa State will work jointly to create a digital information system on Sinaloa cultural heritage, on which urban development plans will be based, which will reinforce protection of archaeological and historical goods.

Initiative derives from the agreement which adds up to the Collaboration and Coordination Agreement signed in September 2007 by Sinaloa State Government and Sinaloa INAH Center.

Maria de los Angeles Heredia Zavala, director of Sinaloa INAH Center, declared that this information exchange with the State government will impact first at El Fuerte and Choix municipalities, where the first development and conservation plans will be implemented in 2010.

“Our objective is to elaborate a list of historical and archaeological monuments, polygonal protection areas’ drafts, as well as geo-referenced data of Sinaloa heritage, to concentrate it in a digital data base that can that may be consulted on-line. This list was asked for by the State Sub Secretary of Urban Development.

“This process has already begun, we look forward to have all information digitalized in 2011”, commented the archaeologist, when mentioning that this work is also part of Sinaloa State System for Urban Planning and Territorial Zoning, formulated in 2 stages: the first one integrates information provided by INAH, while the second coordinates elaboration of 5 urban development and conservation plans to be developed between 2010 and 2012.

The plans correspond to El Fuerte, Choix, Cosala, La Cruz de Elota and Villa Union. “We pretend to establish the limits of urban growth taking as reference the monuments zones helping to conserve heritage this way”.

Sinaloa State Government hired a team of specialists from Colegio Mexiquense coordinated by Dr. Alfonso Iracheta Cenecorta, to elaborate urban projects. “The team traveled to El Fuerte, where INAH specialists exposed a conservation and development project for the historical center, which includes work at archaeological and historical monuments sites.  The same methodology will be used in every municipality”, declared archaeologist Heredia.

Federal, State and Municipal governments will finance plans for 2011 and 2012 with a 2.5 million MXP investment. “We pretend to encourage new cultural heritage conservation politics in Sinaloa, with more support of the local sphere”.

Archaeologist Heredia Zavala remarked that Sinaloa INAH Center continues cataloguing historical and archaeological monuments, as well as studying monument zone delimitation and giving advisory and support to city halls projects, to establish protection zones.