Tools used by restorers to conserve movable and immovable cultural heritage are part of “Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage: Professional Formation” exhibited in Tacuba Metro station.

A Japanese rabbit fur brush, intravenous catheters, dentist spatulas and car batteries are items used by restorers to carry out their work, and can be visited during August 2009.

Exhibition organized by National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) through the National School of Conservation, Restoration and Museography (ENCRyM) was open with the aim of divulgating the anonymous work of Mexican restorers.

ENCRyM, where Latin America specialists have been formed during 35 years, divulgate in this exhibition the labor developed at 12 seminar-workshops, 4 specialization post degrees and the Restoration Bachelor Degree.

Liliana Giorguli Chavez, director of ENCRyM, thanked Metro Collective Transport System the space provided to mount this exhibit designed to promote work that goes unnoticed most of the time.

ENCRyM director pointed out that the exhibition fulfills several objectives: promote the INAH school, its formative options and the work conducted by specialists.

Veronica Chacon Roa, representative of Metro Collective System, and graduated from ENCRyM, reminded this is the second exhibition in 2009 organized with INAH, recalling the one at Pino Suarez station related to Ehecatl Pyramid restoration located there.

“Each workshop offered material and advisory to help promoting labor performed there, including the formative part of the school. Each module offers information, tools and pieces that illustrate the responsibility of taking care of historical items”, commented Diego Gaytan Mertens, in charge of the exhibition design.

Museography was in charge of Maria Liduvina Juarez Gomez and her team; coordination and script was created by Gonzalo Becerra Prado and Valeria Macias Rodriguez.

ENCRyM imparts a Restoration Bachelor Degree, 2 Masters Degrees in Museology and Immovable Cultural Goods Conservation and Restoration, and 3 specialties in Museography, Conservation and Photographic Restoration.

“Conservacion y Restauracion del Patrimonio Cultural” will be exhibited during August 2009 at Tacuba Metro station showcases, where Line 2 and 7 switch.