By exhibiting 25 mosaics and other items made out with feathers at Tepoztlan Ex Convent Museum, the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) supports the recovery of feather art, an almost extinct technique that symbolized wealth, fertility and power during Prehispanic times; those who used feathers were associated with divinity.

Arte Plumaria (Feather Art) is the title of the exhibition that gathers selected artworks from Aurelio Franco Obregon, born in the Tacuba neighborhood of Mexico City, one of the few artists devoted to this ancient technique.

The author of work exhibited at the National Museum of Anthropology (MNA) declared that the exhibition represents the rescue of a popular art that offers great possibilities for artists, because there are more feather colors today than in Prehispanic times. “To present, we can work with feathers of birds from around the world”.

The place where he obtains feathers is the aviary of Dr. Jesus Estudillo, who takes care of endangered species of birds. At his farm called “La Siberia de las Aves”, located in Texcoco, Estado de Mexico, the ornithologist takes care of a great assort of birds from around the world.

“This exhibition is also homage to Dr Estudillo’s work related to birds’ reproduction and conservation; his aviary is acknowledged worldwide and many people from different countries turn to him to breed their species”, commented Franco.

He mentioned that thanks to the great quality and beauty of the feathers he has been able to create unique pieces, using some from endangered species. “Birds shed feathers as part of a natural process, and the staff there organizes them by color, size and form. They donated me this precious material to create artwork for the show”.

The artist also mentioned that the exhibition is a way to show public this tradition and to promote its creation, being important that museums and institutions open up to divulgate it.

“Ex Convento de Tepoztlan” Museum is located at Revolution Ave. at Main Square, Tepoztlan, Morelos. It is open Tuesday trough Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00 hours. The admission is free.