San Francisco Javier Ex Temple, part of the National Museum of Viceroyalty (MNV), in Tepotzotlan, Estado de Mexico, will be the seat of the Ancient Music Festival “Fiestas, Fandangos y Saraos” from October 9th to 24th 2009.

At the press conference celebrated at Chapultepec Castle, Cecilia Genel, director of MNV, announced that the festival is part of the 45th anniversary of the museum celebrations.

Organized by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) with the collaboration of Estado de Mexico Government, “a great effort has been done to maintain this event alive for 10 years, as a forum to rescue and divulgate Viceroyal music; a colloquy takes place as well, where specialists will present the results of their most recent investigations in the matter”, she commented.

Flutist Horacio Franco, who will open the festival interpreting themes from Georg Phillip Telemann and Johann Sebastian Bach, among other authors, commented the festival is a laudable effort for the divulgation of Medieval, Renaissance and Colonial musical genres.

“Concerts at this majestic building look forward to bring near the public to Viceroyal period musical creation” declared the Capilla Cervantina creator.
Regarding research generated in Mexico about this musical heap, he mentioned there are only 2 maestros, Aurelio Tello and Juan Manuel Lara. “There is a lot of material to transcribe, since New Spain legacy is mainly vocal, but few people are dedicated to it”, he added.

“In Mexico we need a guideline and a research team, as well as new forums to divulgate music”, concluded Franco.   
Mario Ivan Martinez, who will participate in the festival with his group Armnicus Cuatro, announced that Baroque opera is to be interpreted to honor the English composer Henry Purcell (1659-1695).

Other participants are Grupo Segrel, directed by Manuel Mejia; El Cofre vocal sextet, directed by Eduardo Garica Barrios; Al-Qantara ensamble, directed by Eitan Alcantara, soprano Elisa Avalos, accompanied by Ensamble Barroco; Ars Antiqua, directed by Eduardo Arambula, and Orquesta Juvenil del Estado de Mexico, directed by Mario Rodriguez Taboada.

Concerts will take place in National Museum of Viceroyalty, Tepotzotlan, Estado de Mexico, at 18:00 hours. Admission is free.